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Competition is tough and culture is the final differentiator. The techniques taught by GRC Inc will improve profitability while building a powerful, customer oriented culture that customers will want to engage. You will attract and retain better people and get the most out of your business.

On-Site Consultation

Often the only way to find opportunities is through the eyes of a third party. In circumstances such as these you want a third party with the experience and know how to help you recognize improvement opportunities and to provide several options for resolution. These options should be tailored to the specifics of your organization, business dynamics, products & services, technology portfolio and longer term goals. Golden Reapers Consulting Inc provides customized on-site consulting services to meet those needs. The service consists of an initial visit to discuss objectives and to understand the kinetics of your business/organization followed by multiple visits to work with your team in structuring an action plan to meet your needs and in facilitating your team in executing that plan. These services tend to be longer in duration, more expensive to execute and are targeted at organizations who are struggling.

On-Site Improvement Workshops

The On-Site Improvement Workshop is an effective means of bringing focused education and training to a small to midsize group of people who can then act as facilitators for the rest of your organization. These workshops follow a prescribed agenda that can be customized to address customers’ specific areas of need. These workshops can be one, two or three days depending on scope and include activities to apply concepts and processes to projects specific to a customers’ circumstance selected by the customer. The workshops focus on developing a stronger understanding of the cause and effect relationships between financial reports and activities and cost drivers in a business, creating an “interactive organization” focused on those objectives and using time proven tools and strategies to have positive impacts on those metrics most critical to the business. The workshops can be one, two or three days depending on how the customer wants to apply the workshop activities to their specific issues. The book Fixing What Already Works is included in these workshops and forms the basis for much of the material covered. When completed, the participants will be prepared to:

  • Clearly identify key business/operational opportunities in quantifiable terms,
  • Establish root cause factors using proven analytical techniques,
  • Use the IDEA$ problem solving process to effectively formulate and execute improvement actions,
  • Share their hands on experience in applying these tools and techniques to their own, actual opportunities as identified at the outset of the workshop,
  • Develop and deploy considerations that create a completely engaging organization in a more powerful business culture.

These workshops are also followed up by an on-site audit scheduled by the customer to review the progress and effectiveness of the processes and concepts introduced for final “tweaking” or to assist in more difficult applications.

This service is recommended for established and steady organizations looking for new concepts and energy to move to the next level.

Local Improvement Seminar

Periodically there are local seminars held that are open to anyone in the that area wishing to attend. These are scheduled in advance and often tie in with other professional activities planned in an area (such as conventions, trade shows, etc.). All attending will receive a pre-read copy of Fixing What Already Works which forms the basis for the workshop content. These workshops are typically one full day but can be provided in a half day format as well. In these workshops material is presented and its application demonstrated. There is no “hands on” application and while interactive, these seminars are more educational in nature.

This service is recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about the profit pipeline, the interactive organization and the IDEA$ problem solving process and evaluate how these and other organizational tools may be applicable to their business or circumstance. Often these Seminars lead to other follow up services. Please consult for schedules and availability or to request or recommend a seminar in your area.



Much of the on-site workshop content can also be delivered in a webinar format where the internet provides the connectivity between facilitator and participants. These Webinars are great if you have a number of sites you want engaged or a larger number of participants. The Webinar is broken into 5 key areas and can be delivered together or separately over a longer period of time. The 5 key areas are:

  • Establishing and managing an “interactive organization” where shared objectives dictated by the business or its customers form the core for all improvement activities.
  • Understanding the “profit pipeline” and how to better identify the links between factors and impacts and how to use this to find tangible opportunities.
  • Using the IDEA$ problem solving process in conjunction with several other tools and techniques to quantify opportunity, solutions and the actions needed to implement them.
  • The role and value of the “Golden Reaper” in your organization and the tools and methods used to harvest the most from your business.
  • Understanding and unleashing the total power of the people in your organization using managerial and motivational techniques proven to get results.

Keynote or Motivational Speaking

John F. Dullea, founder of Golden Reapers Consulting is also available for speaking events. John is an outstanding keynote speaker for your quarterly or annual business meeting, or other team development needs (such as off-site business workshops, strategy sessions, etc.) and can bring delightful insights into what works and what doesn’t when change is needed. He will make your event both informational and entertaining with his many anecdotal experiences and his deep understanding of the many aspects of what it takes to make an enterprise successful.

Possible speaking topics include:

  • Fix What Already Works; Good Enough is not Good Enough
  • The Untapped Value of People in an Organization
  • The 11 Step Roadmap to Implement Change
  • Developing the Interactive Organization; 5 Keys to Success
  • The Reaper; Harvesting the Most from Your Business
  • How the Profit Pipeline Can Work For You
  • The Power of the IDEAS Problem Solving Process
  • Reaper Madness: Make Your Entire Organization Profit Crazy
  • A Dozen Ways to Kill a New Idea: How We Often Crush Creativity in Organizations.

Tactical Training:

Golden Reapers Consulting has partnered with other companies to provide specific tactical training for specific tools and methods highlighted in any workshops, seminars or webinars. These tools and methods include:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • New Product Start up
  • Manufacturing strategies
  • Strategic planning

Additional training needs may be defined when or after other services are in progress or have been completed.

GRC Inc doesn’t deal in abstract philosophies;

these are time tested and proven methods being shared by a very successful executive & team based on 40 years of commercial experience. These are not ideas or theories but methods that ARE effective in making your business/organization better.