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Golden Reapers Consulting Inc, was formed to assist in the education and development of higher performance organizations directed at improving business results. The basis for this consulting company is the book “Fixing What Already Works; How to Make good organizations Great” authored by John Dullea and co-authored by Alvaro Espinosa of Be9Sigma Consulting, a GRC Inc partner. John is the primary consultant doing on site evaluations and developing specific action plans for specific needs as well as on site and local improvement workshops and keynote speaking. The emphasis is placed on using the “profit pipeline” concept to train associates in identifying opportunities, the “interactive organization” to channel focused efforts across an organization and the IDEAS (Identify, Discover, Evaluate. Act and Sustain) team problem solving process to generate and execute data driven opportunities following a structured and time proven process.


“Golden Reapers Consulting Inc , GRC Inc , was founded to share and promote the organizational and operational strategies for improvement, methods and processes used in or resulting from the many years of experience of successful, seasoned and professional executives, with the intent of institutionalizing within the next generation of business and organizational leaders.”

Golden Reapers Consulting Inc has chosen a unique and basic approach to understanding the linkages between financial metrics and an organizations’ influencing factors, then coupling this with cultural development and specific skills training and deployment to create a higher value add environment. This approach, philosophy and reduction to practice forms the core of the book Fixing What Already Works; How to Make Good Organizations Great ( which documents the journey to improvement taken by one manager in an already successful company and demonstrates how these concepts can be embraced.

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Value Add

The primary objective of Golden Reapers’ efforts is to transfer knowledge and skills that have been most effective in transforming organizations into higher value add business contributors resulting in cost savings, cost avoidance, improved quality, greater customer focus and a more gratifying work environment and culture. After completing a  GRC Inc local or on-site improvement workshop, or after executing a larger, detailed action plan resulting from on-site consultation, the entire team or organization will be trained and prepared to:

  • Understand How guidance contained in financial reporting can be found.
  • How specific factors can be linked to their financial impacts.
  • Use the untapped power of an organization to generate better business performance.
  • Prepare a roadmap to implement the most beneficial changes.
  • Deploy structured tools and processes to identify the most effective solutions to properly defined problems.
  • Become change agents for your business or organization.

The value add is in the application of this knowledge and training in a business environment and is highly dependent on entire organization commitment. Proper execution should result in:

  • Improved financial metrics. (you’ll make more money)
  • Greater morale resulting in less turnover and attracting only the best associates. (which will save you more money)
  • A team of empowered mercenaries with the only goal of finding and eliminating any issues which detract from the performance of the business or the organization. (which will make you more money and improve your RONA)
  • A Roadmap for development of the organization in parallel with the growth and development of a business. (so that they can make more money for you in the future, too)
  • Improved customer metrics including quality, engagement and delivery responsiveness making your business more attractive to more customers. (so your business will grow and you’ll make even more money!)


Golden Reapers Consulting Inc operates under the philosophy that any organization can improve significantly making the right choices in what and how to change. There are many tools and methods available for improvement from 6 Sigma quality and Lean enterprise deployment, to self-directed work cells and artificial intelligence to mention a few. Each of these has many valuable aspects and full deployment can achieve impressive results. GRC Inc has taken the approach of “cherry picking” some of the most impactful aspects of many initiatives introduced over the years and packaging their essence (and in some case specifics) into a more simplified and focused method to gain significant results more rapidly without as in-depth a deployment. The resulting tools, methods and structures have been incorporated because they have proven in use to be effective and have been good basics to build organizations upon. This is based upon actual results obtained by GRC Incfounders working with real teams in many locations around the world over many years.

This hybrid “jack of all trades, master of none” approach focuses heavily on the development of people and culture as a key, often under looked GRC Inc aspect of overall performance improvement. The GRC Inc philosophy is anchored on the key belief that people want to be their best and that they and the culture they make up must be planned and developed in parallel with any technology or other philosophical change in direction or strategy. Providing synergistic leadership in this development is a must to sustain gains made in other ways and the GRC Inc approach can provide a great parallel path.

The result is a structured process of deploying proven tools and techniques that can transform the effectiveness of any organization.



Golden Reapers Consulting Inc provides service through several methods; on-site consulting, on-site workshops, local workshops and video consulting. Golden Reapers Consulting, Inc. is a company formed to provide organizational and process development assistance to organizations searching for a fresh approach to change. John and his team will develop a custom plan suited specifically for your opportunities and assist you in reducing to practice any of the concepts discussed in Fixing What Already Works.

But that’s not all. Golden Reapers Consulting, Inc. can also provide your team with on-site seminars and training programs that can bring a deeper understanding to the hows and whys of implementing managed change and specifics on many tools that have been successfully deployed. John Dullea, CEO, is also an outstanding keynote speaker for your quarterly or annual business meeting and can bring delightful insights into what works and what doesn’t when change is needed. He will make your event both informational and entertaining with his many anecdotal experiences and his deep understanding of the many aspects of what it takes to make an enterprise successful.

Possible speaking/seminar topics include:

  • Fix What Already Works; Good Enough is not Good Enough
  • The Untapped Value of People in an Organization
  • The 11 Step Roadmap to Implement Change
  • Developing the Interactive Organization; 5 Keys to Success
  • The Reaper; Harvesting the Most from Your Business
  • How the Profit Pipeline Can Work For You
  • The Power of the IDEAS Problem Solving Process
  • Reaper Madness: Make Your Entire Organization Profit Crazy
  • A Dozen Ways to Kill a New Idea: How We Often Crush Creativity in Organizations.

Also look for opportunities to attend one of Golden Reapers’ local seminars when they are scheduled in your area. For more details on services, schedules, and availability, please contact Golden Reapers Consulting directly.

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